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Where to get awesome BP plugins

Some new users of BuddyPress may wonder where they can get great
plugins to extend the functionality of BP beyond the scope of what
the WordPress Repository offers for free. The fact of the matter is at this
point there is only three premium developers/companies I can recommend
because I do not have access to the other premium plugins. So here goes!

#1 BuddyDev
The reason I rank BuddyDev number one is simple. Great plugins
good support and BuddyDev is consistently pumping out new
plugins with features people request. Plus they have more free
plugins than premium currently so it is a great source. Keep in
mind the free plugins only get support  in the support forums.
It is worth the cash to go with at least the basic 3 month premium
plan. The main developer is also a really good guy & contributes
regularly to the buddypress.org support forums so that only
adds to the  #1 ranking.

#2 wpmudev
They offer a variety of premium plugins as well for BuddyPress.
They also offer many free plugins for BP so they are also great.
They have an awesome team of developers as well as support
personnel so I advise you to check them out as well, and also
check out their  helpful blog full of tips and tricks  from the

#3 TapTapPress
Last but not least is TapTapPress. This developer offers a few flagship
plugins on the WordPress Repository  free of charge, but he now has
premium plugins including the awesome looking  BuddySuite plugin.
I have not personally tried out this plugin but I have used many of
this developers plugins before they went premium and they are
solid and robust. This developer also contributes regularly on the
buddypress.org support forums so I encourage you to try this one
as well. Edit: Tap TapPress closed its doors and is no longer offering
BuddyPress plugins.

I hope you have enjoyed my inconclusive list of my favorite BuddyPress
premium plugin developers, and I hope you have found it useful in
pointing out places to get some great BuddyPress plugins beyond
what the WP Repository has for free. Sometimes the extra functionality
you can achieve with a premium plugin is more than worth the fee  you
have paid.

Until next time, enjoy developing your social network with BuddyPress!


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