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Submit Comments, Tips or Tricks, or Job Inqueries

Use this form to submit comments tips or tricks,  or if you would like to hire me to develop your new WordPress or BuddyPress site. Please do not ask me for help if you are unable to pay my fee. I volunteer on the BuddyPress Forums regularly as well as WordPress and bbPress forums. If you can not find a solution there, then you can hire me to help. Do not contact me on this site for issues addressed or not addressed on buddypress.org, wordpress.org, or bbpress.org because I will no longer provide support on this site. The free code I supply here is because I have written it and chose to share it so please do not ask for support or modifications of that code. I will however provide support, modifications, custom code, and consultation for a fee. Furthermore if you fill out this contact form asking for help as I have outlined above I will respond with an email that informs you of my fee’s, conditions, and the paypal account my fee is to be sent to. When the payment is verified then I will help, otherwise I will not provide further assistance or correspondence . If you wish to purchase the Private Community For BP plugin that allows unblocking entire categories then it will cost $15.00 US and be paid via paypal.  Please be aware the Private Community For BP plugin has not been tested with multi-site installations. When you contact me about purchase of the plugin I will supply the paypal account. After the payment is verified I will send the plugin to you directly. Thanks!


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