About this Site

This blog was made to share tips and tricks for WordPress/
BuddyPress from a knowledgeable professional user and developer.

So what is WordPress? WordPress is the most widely used Content
Management System on the web. Currently it powers close to 20%
of everything on the web. That is very impressive!

So what is BuddyPress? BuddyPress is social networking in a box.
Actually it is a plugin for WordPress that extends its capabilities
to include social network type components you would typically see
on the BIG social networks.

So where can you get WordPress/BuddyPress? Well they are available
at wordpress.org. You can click here to go directly to the BuddyPress
plugin page.

WordPress is highly extensible. You can find plugins as well as themes
using the appropriate item you are looking for using the navigation
menu here.

BuddyPress  is also highly extensible using the vast array
of plugins you can find here on wordpress.org or by clicking
the Plugins button at buddypress.org.

Where can you find support? For WordPress you can go to
the support forum here. For BuddyPress go to buddypress.org
and click the Support button.

I have been using WordPress/BuddyPress and I love it. They
have great communities that I participate in regularly. I
enjoy building plugins and tinkering around with WordPress/
BuddyPress code.

If you need consultation on setting up your WordPress/BuddyPress
network, or if you need custom work done to extend WordPress/
BuddyPress then feel free to contact me here.

I hope you enjoy the cool tips and tricks as well as the plugins. If
have questions use this form and I will be in touch a.s.a.p. Thanks!

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