Private Community For BP Lite

Edit: I am no longer offering a lite free version on the WordPress plugin repository. I will only be offering the premium version and you can find instructions here how to purchase it.

This plugin will prevent logged out visitors from accessing your BuddyPress
community pages. The Lite version has a dashboard setting to allow  6
unblocked pages. I will be releasing a premium version with more
options soon so stay tuned. Until then enjoy Private Community For BP
Lite. You can get it here.


6 comments on “Private Community For BP Lite

  1. Hi, I would like to get the paid version, any idea on the timeline for delivery?

  2. What does the page version offer? I’d like my buddypress pages to be the only pages that are hidden with a redirect to the home page. Our buddypress is a private intranet so all members are invited, there is no registration paid. Does the paid version allow me to just hide the buddypress pages? If so Ill buy it! 🙂

    • The paid version blocks everything except the front page. Unlike the free version with this version you can unblock an entire category even if its 1000 post or more in the category which makes it more flexible. You can unblock pages. You have 20 fields vs the 10 in the free version. You can change the redirection for the blocked pages to register, sign-up, or wp-login.php. If you are interested in purchasing it contact me at bphelp.1@gmail.com for instructions. The price is $15.00 US and can be paid via paypal. Thanks!

  3. Would you be able to unblock all member profiles with the paid version?

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