Private BP Pages

Private BP Pages is a plugin I once offered free of charge on the plugin repository. However because creating plugins is my only source of income, I can no longer devote the time to free support request so now the plugin is offered as a premium plugin. Private BP Pages will make all of […]

Add Profile Data To The Members Directory

I have created a plugin to add profile data to the members directory so that the members directory looks “less boring.” If you are interested in purchasing it contact me here. Because of the low cost you will be supplied with the price on inquiry. Here is a screenshot:

Private Community For BP Lite Plugin Now Available

Edit: I am no longer offering a lite free version on the WordPress plugin repository. I will only be offering the premium version and you can find instructions here how to purchase it. This is just an update to an earlier post I made. Private Community For BP Lite is now available on the WordPress […]

Where to get awesome BP plugins

Some new users of BuddyPress may wonder where they can get great plugins to extend the functionality of BP beyond the scope of what the WordPress Repository offers for free. The fact of the matter is at this point there is only three premium developers/companies I can recommend because I do not have access to […]

Introducing Private Community For BP Lite

If you are a BuddyPress user and you have wanted the option to prevent logged out visitors from accessing the community pages but also have the option to have some of your regular pages viewable to the public then I present to you the Private Community For BP Lite plugin which will be available soon […]